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Scott Reynolds - Biography

New Mexico-born guitarist and composer Scott Reynolds is a favorite with world music, latin, brazilian and smooth jazz listeners, both alone and with his rotating band Terra Nova Collective. He has recently finished his self titled album The Las Cruces Sessions (2017 High Lonesome Records) recorded by Chris Unck at high lonesome studios in Joshua Tree California. With the album set for a January 2017 release date he is currently writing and rehearsing and keeps up an ambitious performing schedule.
Reynolds was born in Las Cruces, New Mexico to an American mother and father. Though he started guitar lessons at 12 years old, took classical guitar training in his teens and music theory in his twenties Reynolds is largely self-taught. He dropped out of College in the early ’80s and the itinerant Reynolds returned to Santa Fe, New Mexico before proceeding to California with a band that never recorded. In 2010, Reynolds now in the low desert of southern California began concentrating on acoustic guitar again and in 2016 formed Terra Nova Collective —a “rubber band” with rotating members—and they honed in on his latin-brazilian-flavored world music. Reynolds’s Terra Nova Collective (which means New Land) is set to put out a self-produced album, The Las Cruces Sessions (2017 High Lonesome Records). Following a year stint of constant performing, Reynolds now played solo with his loop pedal or with a full band and featured his playing on acoustic guitar, electric guitar, and nylon string guitar.
The Las Cruces Sessions (2017 High Lonesome Records) features the Terra Nova Collective and a string section headed by violinist Bobby Furgo, and was a return to his simple latin-brazilian musings with forays into dance music, classical music and film music. What started out as a recording made by friends ended up going far beyond expectations, and established Reynolds as a guitarist and composer. He also introduced his electric guitar work on The Las Cruces Sessions (2017 High Lonesome Records) on the track Tomolo Todo and continues to work with Chris Unck, Giselle Woo, Dominique Torres, Bobby Furgo and Jorge Carrillo after The Las Cruces Sessions album. 




Scott Reynolds

Acoustic Music played with passion.

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